Frozen Tofu is Amazing!

Frozen Tofu is Amazing!

Mei Willoughby

There are many ways to eat tofu, but Frozen tofu wasn't something I was brought up with in Hong Kong. This new discovery happened  a year ago when I was invited to a friend's house for Steam Pot and she's originally from northern China. There you go! Apparently, this is their thing! Benefits: Freeze fresh tofu to keep freshness, and it changes the texture like a sponge so it can absorb more braising liquid in stew. Slice and fry if you like, there you have Tofu Steaks!


To freeze: remove all packaging, transfer to suitable container to freeze around 6-8 hours.

To thaw: In the fridge for 3-4 hours or at room temperature for 2-3 hours.

To prep: Slice and squeeze out excess water and place on kitchen towel to dry.

To Cook: season with salt and pepper, or even spices and ground garlic, then sprinkle corn starch or chick pea flour evenly. Shallow fry them until golden colour.


Just like these! Tofu Steaks. Now you can do whatever you like with them.


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