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This beautifully presented assortment box will make a perfect gift for friends, family and someone special to you. 9 flavours are specially selected for you out of Mei's Homemade range of 14 condiments and sauces including Sweet, Savoury, Hot & Spicy and Citric & Nutty. 

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Images are for references only. Scroll images to see ingredients list.

Each jar is 30g e. Total weight 980g e. Net weight 280g e

Flavours as follow:

1. Satay sauce with Lemongrass 2. Dan Dan Chilli Sauce 3. Miso & Plum Hoisin Sauce 4. Original Chilli Sauce 5. Hot Dates Chilli Paste 6. Sweet & Sour with Pineapple 7. Sweet Chilli Chutney 10. (NEW) Black Bean Sauce  14. Mango & Apple Chutney

Inside the box, you will find a brochure with Ingredients list and nutrition information, four cooking recipes. 

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan. Gluten Free. Please see ingredients from product list.