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A Box of delicious sauces - Just add meat and vegs or other form of proteins. Each 2oz jar makes a dish to share between 2 people. You might need less with the chilli sauce. Why not create a Chinese feast by making a few dishes to share with family and friends. Check out our recipes! SAVE £3.00!

Choose any of the following: Leave a note on your order of your preference.

  1. Satay Sauce with Lemongrass

  2. Dan Dan Chilli Sauce

  3. Miso & Plum Hoisin Sauce

  4. Original Chilli Sauce
  5. Hot Dates Chilli Paste

  6. Sweet & Sour with Pineapple

  7. Sweet Chilli Chutney

  8. Spiced Apple & Plum Chutney

  9. Mango & Apple Chutney

  10. Red Pepper Spread
  11. Black Bean Sauce

  12. Smoked Paprika Chilli Sauce

  13. Original Chilli Sauce HOT