Satay Veggie Bowl

Mei Willoughby

Serves 1-2

Humble frozen vegetables can be delicious too. Try this out!


  • 200g Frozen mixed vegetables, thawed
  • 2-3 tbsp Mei’s Satay sauce with Lemongrass
  • 50g tin butternut beans (optional)
  • 1 portion of oven cooked parsnips (optional)


  • Fill a deep saucepan with 1 litre of water, bring it to boil and add 1 tsp of sea salt.
  • Cooked the thawed vegetables in the boiling water for 2 minutes or until cooked, then drain and set aside.
  • Add Mei’s Satay sauce and a splash of milk in the same pan in low heat to create more sauce, gently warm
  • through the butternut beans and then add the cooked vegetables.
  • Serve with rice, brioche bread or even in fajita wraps.

Other sauces you might like to try on this recipe: Mei’s Hot Dates Chilli Paste, Mei’s Smoked Paprika Chilli Sauce.

Meis homemade Satay Veggie Bowl Recipe Card Meis homemade Satay Sauce with Lemongrass

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