Chilli Seafood Pasta

Mei's homemade Original Chilli Sauce Chilli Seafood Pasta
Squid ink spaghetti has a tantalising flavour. It’s absolutely delicious by adding a little bit of garlicky chilli sauce, and it’s easy to make. Ingredients can be procured in your weekly shop and stored in cupboard and freezer, so you can rustle up a quick meal anytime you want .

Ready Steady Tagliatelle

Mei's homemade Red Pepper Spread Ready Steady Tagliatelle
Make a quick and tasty snack in minutes. Just stir-in 2 tbsp of Mei’s Red Pepper Spread and Wild Garlic Extra virgin olive oil onto cooked pasta. There you have it! It’s super delicious and nutritious. You can turn it into a meal by adding pan fried salmon or any other proteins of your choice.

Stir-Fried Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

Mei's Homemade Stir-Fried Chicken with Black Bean Sauce
This is one of the tastiest and easiest dish you can make. Perfect introduction to anyone who has never used Chinese fermented black beans but would like to give it a try. Something you can just add to wok for a quick weekday supper.

Satay Tofu Noodle Soup

Mei's homemade Satay Sauce with Lemongrass Satay Tofu Noodle Soup
This is one of my quick and easy noodle soup recipes. It packs lots of flavour and warming goodness with minimal time and effort. Easy ingredients that you might already have in your cupboard, fridge and freezer. I use Satay Sauce for the soup base plus a pinch of stock cube to intensify the flavour.

Pan-Fried Cod Noodles Salad

Mei's homemade Sweet Chilli Chutney Pan-Fried Cod Noodles Salad
A refreshing healthy meal for ONE or double it for 2!
Any fish or seafood such as, prawns or squid can be used for this recipe.

Salt & Pepper Squid

Mei's homemade Sweet Chilli Chutney Salt & Pepper Squid
Crisp coating tender squid...what a nice entrée to start a feast. Serves on a plate of aromatic crispy seaweed and Thai style dipping sauce.

Sweet & Sour Chicken HK Style

Mei's Homemade Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style
Crispy fried chicken pieces and sweet & sour sauce I dare to say it’s the most well-known and loved Chinese dish ever. Hence there are many versions of it. My childhood’s favourite no doubt is Hong Kong restaurant style.

Chinese BBQ Pork aka Char Siu

Mei's homemade Miso & Plum Hoisin Sauce Chinese BBQ Pork Char Siu
Flavoursome, multi-layered honey sweet barbequed pork; most popular delicacy in Cantonese cuisine. Often served as cold cut, and used as filling for Char Siu Buns in dim sum restaurants.

Braised Pork with Hoisin Sauce

Mei's homemade Braised Pork with Hoisin Sauce
Tender and flavoursome! A sumptuous meal for a family of 4 or more and is a treat requiring effortless preparation!

Satay Chicken Skewers

Meis homemade satay sauce with lemongrass satay chicken skewers
Perfectly grilled satay chicken skewers in the most flavourful marinade. Served with creamy yet refreshing peanut-lime sauce.